In-House Academy on a culture of the future

In addition to our open course, which is structured coherently and serves to strengthen the skills of the participants in connection with a certificate, we can also support your organization/association in the scope of our In-House Academy. For this purpose, we will first address your individual needs regarding specific topics of strategic sustainability management before adapting the contents to your needs.

The result can be a 1:1 representation of our certificate course, an additional course on other topics, or an advanced training module on an industry-specific sustainability aspect. Please feel free to inquire with us.

Goal: In the future, everyone involved should be able to carry out processes independently, drawing on application-related and agile methods. Together, we will develop a passion for sustainable, responsible business as well as ecological and social sustainability, practical knowledge, and methods for further implementation. The end result will be applicable knowledge to develop and execute solid sustainability strategies within your organization.

Topic examples

(Can also be combined into a series)
  • Knowledge building: Planetary boundaries
  • Knowledge building on ecological sustainability: Climate protection, biodiversity, and freshwater
  • Climate justice
  • Social sustainability in organizations – e.g. diversity, organizational structure, values and attitude
  • Sustainability management: Tools and planning
  • Implementing sustainability: Motivation and participation
  • Programmatic sustainability.
  • Sustainability communication
  • Resilience and preparation for (extreme) right-wing attacks
  • Climate assessment
  • Overview on certifications such as ISO20121, EMAS, etc.
  • Reporting obligation and reporting according to CSRD
  • others


  • In-house or remote
  • 4 – 6 hours, depending on the topics
  • 4 – 12 participants (more participants possible with more team leaders)
  • Including coordination with the target group and joint planning

We will be happy to develop additional modules in close coordination with your association/organization.

We have already held academies for the educational sector and for the festival sector. These offers can also be adapted to industry-specific offers for other areas – from socio-cultural contexts to museums, from (independent) theaters to publishers…

For clubs, we can recommend the Advanced training series of our cooperation partners Clubliebe and B.U.N.D.

Please feel free to contact us:​