We support organizations in the fields of culture, education, and media in their transformation towards more sustainability, to preserve a livable and just world for all of us.
Our collaboration is based on cooperation, significance, and conviction – our work is based on scientific principles and is impact-oriented. We think of sustainability in a holistic sense, considering the ecological, economical, and social dimensions!

in culture, education, and media

Institute management

Tabea Leukhardt

Law and education specialist

Expert on sustainability management in culture and media; sustainability policy, knowledge transfer, application-orientedness

Management · Lectures · Workshops · Consulting

Daniel Seitz

Political education specialist; sustainability manager

Expert on programmatic sustainability, media education, climate justice

Management · Lectures · Mediation · Consulting

Depending on the requirements, we work with an interdisciplinary team. We are sustainability managers, communicators, multipliers, and experts in specific areas of sustainable implementation. What unites us are a holistic understanding of sustainability and the knowledge of actions and methods to establish it in cultural, educational, and media institutions.